Greetings from SCALE

Here i am writing from SCALE in Hilton LAX: there have been some problems in getting here, mostly related to what route to take, parking validation and stuff but at last stand is up. Due to time constraints i had to reuse the old signs from 2011 and also right now broadway is still running while burning latest ARIX and icaros isos.

Digital image

the AROS and ARIX booth at SCALE 12x

Day 2

Day two seems dragging on a bit less franticly than day one; i installed the latest Icaros lite in the spare stick and now am showing it in the netbook; however old broadway had the advantage of going out in the VGA monitor and now instead gotta show the small netbook screen. So i moved the AROS video on the second screen on my big laptop and the netbook is showing now OWB in a screen on background while in foreground a music video is looping.

Icaros 1.5.2 takes 700 meg of the 4-gig card leaving 2.9 gig free, which is nice πŸ™‚

BTW due to circumstances will need to wrap up from 2 pm so if you are inside SCALE please visit me until am here …

Wrapping Up

At the end the experience has been interesting; i just wonder how come am almost the only one on doing this at linux and open source conventions here in the States, that is so far a channel to try to gather power users and developers at least to be aware of the existence of this platform; is also interresting that the video I made two years ago for the exhibition but that was not ready in time shown to be a good attention grabber: a talking kitty is always nice to see πŸ˜‰ – for more info on the making of the video, please refer to the Vimeo page, unless you want to see a “making of”…

Introduction to AROS v0.1 from simone bernacchia on Vimeo.

Also the brochure, this year, is kinda special: since was presenting AROS and ARIX i decided for a two-faces brochure; took a while to get the layout right and at the end i went to print the same evening before the event; here is a prototype and Here is the linkΒ to download it as PDF.

AROS-ARIX brochure

AROS-ARIX brochure